Traffic Law

Why You Should Call the Police Even After a Minor Traffic Accident

When a person gets into a car accident, many issues do arise for those involved at the scene. He or she has to provide driver’s license information and proof of insurance; however, paperwork has to get done too. This includes filling out a report for the police. If damage is $1,000 or more, then it is imperative that the police are called to the scene. One will discuss this further, and how to handle the situation properly.

For anyone who does not trust law enforcement, they have a legit reason to not call them; however, problems occur if the party that was hit decides to sue. This is why a police report is needed. Not everyone believes this is needed, but in minor accidents, which are the typical fender benders are always necessary.

Here are some areas to keep in mind when dealing with the police. One should always make sure that the person contacted gets all of the information at that time. If he or she fails, then the individual has every right to complain about their behavior. Always have the facts filled out in their entirely as best as one can recall it, and this includes telling the truth. For someone who gives false information, the peace officer is allowed to arrest for obstructing justice. Never give out too much that it could incriminate, yet provide enough, so that everything is acceptable for the investigation to get complete immediately. Legally, a person can give out as much as they want in hopes that it will not get used against them.

The police are allowed to follow-up without overstepping boundaries. Their behavior has to remain professional at all times. They are known to call or make house visits, so always expect the unexpected at any moment within the first 24 hours. After that, the case may get closed for the public to obtain a copy of it.

If one is unsure on how to deal with them, then they can contact a lawyer for a free consultation. Regardless, he or she should contact them as formality in a minor accident when little damage is p their resent on their vehicle. This gives the individual additional paperwork, but it also protects them in case any issue should arise. The goal is to have everything done properly, so that no lawsuit arises in the future. Always behave professional when on the scene, and only give out the facts when writing it down or providing a verbal statement. By remaining calm, one experiences success despite the current circumstances, and everything will work out in the end.