Immigrants Love Australia, Europe, And The US


It is not easy for any country to accept ‘uninvited’ immigrants for permanently settling down.

The good old story of ‘The Arab and The Camel’!

It was a cold wintry night in the desert.

The camel requested the Arab, to let him put his head in the tent.

The Arab agreed, but repented later.


Slowly, the camel moved in and the Arab was pushed out.

We may face similar problems in the World?

A civilised humanity

We are a civilised society.

To ban immigrants is not a civilised act.

More so, when immigrants are being pushed out of their country – Syrian immigrants, or Myanmar Muslims.

But humane civility often leads to discomfort later:

Violence in France, Belgium, and the US,

Mass sex attacks by immigrants in Germany, and Sweden,

Referendum for Brexit in the UK,

And emerging concept of a wall on the US-Mexican border!

What can we do?

Prevention is better than cure

Immigrants need to be told:

‘ You will abide by the laws of this country.

We have not invited you.

You came; it was your requirement.

You will not insist on ‘religious rights’, if these are in conflict with local laws.’

Australia has done it.

France has banned hijab – ‘burqa’ – for Muslim girls within the school.

Still, there are problems.

Message for immigrants

We all want to move to greener pastures, in search of:

Better job prospects, and better quality of living – no religious persecution.

But once rehabilitated, other social needs crop up, asking for satisfaction.

Onus lies on immigrants to join the main stream of life.

Locals – who are there since ages – do deserve their right of priority.

If you remain isolated, and don’t integrate, with locals, you got to rethink!

Onus lies on you to adjust your life style, which is acceptable to host country.

As guests in another country, don’t cause undue restlessness in society, by demanding facilities as a right.

Immigrants – an asset

Immigrants, even from an underdeveloped country can be an asset.

Mexicans immigrants – both illegal and legal – fulfill a social need in the US.

There are jobs, locals aren’t very keen to do, but Mexicans are comfortable in doing.

We need to optimize the whole gamut, but not by divisibility of humanity.

Votes matter in democracy

Democracy is an essential evil, of a civilised society.

* There are ex-Mexican Americans votes in the US.

Politicians sympathise with illegal immigrants too, to lure the votes of ex-Mexican US citizens.

Politicians will always exploit such issues.

Immigrants are a potential vote-bank, everywhere.

Inculcate a sense of discipline among immigrants

To accept immigrants from Syria, was magnanimity of Europe.

Onus is on European nations to inculcate a sense of discipline among illiterate immigrants from underdeveloped countries.

We are living in transition times.

The paradox:

There is an obvious divisibility of humanity.

But diffusion is a law of nature.

Amicable diffusion of immigrants is the need of the hour.

Why resentment!

Immigrants reduce the job opportunities of locals.

Immigrants don’t integrate with locals, socially – may be due to mismatch financially

But we can handle the issue, while maintaining social harmony and without dividing humanity.

Animals and birds don’t believe in borders and visas.

To emulate them isn’t a utopian goal.

It is workable.