Family Law and Divorce

How to Find a Right Divorce Attorney Easily

A divorce attorney is a family law attorney. That means they practice representing cases that concern families, and personal relationships that pertain to families. When a relationship that you are involved in dissolves you need a family law attorney to make sure that the decisions you make regarding the division of property and assets is in your best interest.

Finding a divorce attorney to represent you in the dissolution of a marriage is not as easy as picking up a phone book and calling the first lawyer that you find listed there. To find a qualified lawyer you are going to have to do a little research, and a little interviewing.

Steps to follow while hunting a lawyer to handle your divorce

1. Write down all of the pertinent information the lawyer will need to know about you, your spouse, and your impending divorce. Be sure to include a list of all assets the two of you own. List any grievances you have against your spouse like infidelity issues, or spousal abuse problems.

2. Make a list of lawyers that you have heard of from friends, relatives, and other advertising sources. Make appointments with at least three of those law firms to discuss your situation. These consultations are usually free of charges.

3. Make a list of things you would like your lawyer to have. Include a compatible personality, time to work on your case, close proximity, affordable fees or easy payment plans. When you go to the consultation visits rate the lawyers according to the things you have on this list. When you have visited all of the firms look over this list and see which lawyers met the most of the things you wanted.

4. Consider the amount of experience the lawyer has in the kind of cases that you have. You want to hire a lawyer who is knowledgeable in the laws that pertain to the type of circumstances you are facing.

5. Call the Better Business Bureau and the local Chamber of Commerce to see if the firm has any complaints against them, and if they have had complaints how they resolved the issue.

6. Ask the attorney how full their case load is. You want a popular attorney, but you do not want to retain someone that has a case load that is so heavy they will not have time to pay close attention to your interests.

7. Make sure that you feel comfortable with the lawyer. You have to work closely with this person and you need to be able to get along with them, trust them, and they need to have offices close enough that you can go to see them when needed.