Criminal Law

The Results Of Violating Probation And Ways Of Handling It

The reason a criminal is placed under probation is to identify if they are able to change their ways and get back to living peacefully in a society. When on probation the offender is continuously monitored by a probation officer and is required to follow specific orders laid forth by court.

The various conditions set forth may include but are not limited to living in a specific locality, prohibition of handling or owning a firearm, needing to abide by a curfew and need to be employed. The offenders will need to follow orders meticulously and sincerely. They would have to stay away from their victims, be refrained from contacting other criminals, stay away from consumption of alcohol and may also be asked to participate in tests conducted for alcoholism and drugs.

Probation may be issued to a defendant either when they have come to the end of their jail term or when they are in the process of serving jail time. Probation is of different types such as formal and informal probation.

In most cases during formal probation the defendant needs to meet his officer once every month. But this is not a requirement in informal probation which is also called a summary probation. Based on the details of the case the timeframe of probation varies. In most case it is three years though.

Violating probation terms is not a simple issue. A violation can send the defendant back to serving longer jail term or may reinstate the sentence. The penalties always depend on the events that lead to violation. An arrest is the first outcome of a probation violation followed by punishments decided by the judge based on your past records.

Though violations are serious not all of them are controlled by the defender. There are situations when an angry spouse called the police informing a violation only intending to send the person back to jail even though no violations occurred. There are other situations too that may not be under the defendants control. Just like terms of probation vary, the reasons for it also different. If one feels that there is a perfect reason for the incident then you can appoint an attorney who is skillful in handling such cases to present your argument.

The result of this kind of violation may be huge fines, jail time and even a probation that is extended. This is exactly why you need to discuss with an attorney as soon as you can. An experienced attorney will handle your case skillfully so that you would be given justice.